T05 Technologies Pte Ltd was commissioned by St. John’s – St. Margaret’s Nursing Home (SJSM) to develop a smart Wi-Fi-enabled window control system for its new premises. Opened in 2021, SJSM provides long-term residential care for up to 273 elderly residents. 


When the construction of SJSM began, the team at the nursing home sought to equip their new building with a smart window control system that could aid them in the care and monitoring of the elderly. 

SJSM thus approached T05 Technologies to develop a smart window control system. Specifically, the team required a smart system that offers: 

  1. Centralized control of all louvre windows across a single level (approximately 1000 m² per level)

  2. Enhanced safety for the well-being of its residents

  3. Smart rain-sensitive automation

  4. Reduced cabling works  


To meet the unique needs and challenges of SJSM, T05 Technologies’ solution involved: (1) Designing a Window Actuator Controller, (2) Configuring Actuator Controllers to a central meshed closed Wi-Fi network, (3) Developing a mobile app, (4) Installing a rain sensor. 

Window Actuator Controller design

For the safety of SJSM’s staff and residents, T05 Technologies designed a Window Actuator Controller - the main component that facilitates the opening of a window via motor-driven automation - with a customized PCB micro-controller board. 

The customized controller is able to measure spikes in electrical currents whenever an unknown object, such as someone’s finger, is trapped between the window panes. To prevent injuries, the smart window control system will halt the closing of windows and proceed to open the windows back up when this happens. 

Configuration of Actuator Controllers to a Wi-Fi network

Keeping the seniors’ safety in mind, the solutions employed were aimed at creating an uncluttered environment with reduced cabling works. To achieve this, the T05 Technologies team installed 4 Meshed Wireless Network Access Points, all of which were configured and connected to all the actuator controllers found within the building. This allows for a Wi-Fi-enabled system that was free from messy and potentially dangerous wires. 

Mobile app development

To decrease the workload of the nurses at SJSM, T05 Technologies developed a mobile app that was deployed to a mounted tablet at the nurse’s station. With the app, nurses could centrally control all the windows across 7 storeys of the building without having to leave the nurse’s station. 

Rain sensor installation

To meet SJSM’s demands of a smart rain-sensitive window control system, T05 Technologies installed rain sensors on the system. When rain is detected, the windows will automatically close, preventing rain from reaching the rooms. The rain sensors are also sensitive to the intensity of rain - windows will be left slightly ajar in the event of a slight drizzle and completely closed during heavy downpours. 


As a bizSAFE level 3 certified company that offers end-to-end product and solution development, T05 Technologies' is well-equipped to provide solutions to the challenges posed by SJSM. The team designed, developed, engineered, and even deployed the entire controller system for 7 storeys of the nursing home. 

From hardware and computer micro-controller design and programming to software development and network planning and deployment, each process was done in-house, with complete control at every single step.  

With the smart window control system deployed to 7 storeys of the building, SJSM has greatly improved its organization’s safety and efficiency. The system’s anti-finger-trapping technology and minimally-cabled design present opportunities for accident prevention. 

More than that, the development of an accompanying mobile app and the installation of rain sensors reduce the need for manual labor. Nurses need not run frantically across different levels and rooms to open or close windows - they could do so with a touch of a button.