T05 Technologies Pte Ltd was commissioned by ITE College Central to develop a Click & Collect smart locker solution for Epitome Mall, an in-campus mall that showcases products, services, and capabilities of staff, students, and alumni of the education facility. 


Epitome Mall's eCommerce website had experienced a surge in online purchases, which posed a challenge for the team at ITE College Central. They needed to provide a collection system that was simple and hassle-free for consumers. 

Additionally, they wanted to include a rental feature to enable third-party online stores to offer Click and Collect services and/or display and advertise their products using the two transparent, well-lit lockers.

ITE College Central thus approached T05 Technologies to develop a Click & Collect system - EpitomeCollect. Specifically, the team required a smart locker solution system that offers: 

  1. A secure way to store and retrieve items (whether it be for sale or rental)

  2. Rental features for third-party online stores

  3. On-site and off-site management of the smart locker

  4. Parcel collection notification system 

  5. Multiple ways of order collection


To meet the unique needs and challenges of ITE College Central, T05 Technologies’ solution involved: (1) Remote locker management, (2) Local Locker management, (3) Order collection notification service, (4) Order collection via user access pin, and (5) Order collection via facial recognition. 

Remote Locker Management

The Remote Locker Management system is a cloud-based solution that provides administrators with the ability to manage lockers remotely over the internet. This system allows for easy and efficient management of lockers, eliminating the need for physical access to the lockers themselves.

Administrators can create locker requests (to allow the collection of an order), edit locker requests (make changes to collection details), and manage all other settings of the locker remotely.

Local Locker Management

The Local Locker Management System provides a convenient and efficient way for administrators to manage lockers on-site. With the touchscreen interface, administrators can easily create new locker requests, access the administrator interface, and make changes to locker requests as needed. 

The system's main control unit enables administrators to open and put items in the locker, streamlining the entire locker management process. This system is designed to simplify locker management, making it easier for administrators to keep track of locker usage and ensure that lockers are being used properly.

Order Collection Notification Service

T05 Technologies’ smart locker system provides a seamless customer experience by sending notifications when orders are ready for pickup. After the administrators have placed the items inside the designated lockers, the customer will receive both an SMS and email notification to inform them that their order is ready for collection. 

This feature ensures that customers are promptly notified when their orders are available, saving them time and reducing the likelihood of missed pickups. With this system in place, customers can enjoy a hassle-free pickup experience and administrators can be assured that orders are being collected in a timely manner.

Order Collection via User Access Pin

EpitomeCollect offers the option for customers to collect their orders or open their rented lockers using a user access PIN. The PIN, which will be sent via the notification service, is a secure PIN generated by EpitomeCollect’s administrators.

To use this method, customers will need to follow a few simple steps on the locker's touch screen. First, they will need to tap the "Begin" button to initiate the process. Next, they will need to enter their user access PIN using the keypad on the touch screen.

Once the correct PIN is entered, the assigned lockers will automatically pop open, allowing the customers to collect their orders or retrieve their belongings from their rented lockers. This feature provides customers with a secure and convenient way to access their lockers without the need for physical keys or face-to-face interaction with locker administrators.

Order Collection via Facial Recognition

EpitomeCollect offers an advanced feature that allows customers to collect their orders using facial recognition. If this option is enabled, the customer will receive a link via SMS or email that will prompt them to register their face for collection. 

This process is entirely optional for the customer. Upon clicking on the link, the customer will be directed to take a selfie, which will be used to upload their photo. Once the photo is uploaded successfully, the system will prompt the customer with a message indicating that the registration was successful. 

This feature makes the order collection process even more convenient for customers who prefer a touchless, secure method for accessing their lockers. By using facial recognition technology, customers can quickly and easily retrieve their orders without the need for physical keys or access codes - they only need to look at the camera mounted on the main control unit of EptiomeCollect. 


With multiple experiences with building Click & Collect smart locker systems, T05 Technologies' is well-equipped to provide solutions to the challenges posed by ITE College East. The team designed, developed, engineered, and even deployed the smart locker system for Epitome Mall at ITE College East successfully.

With the smart locker system deployed, ITE College East’s Epitome Mall has greatly improved the security and efficiency of its eCommerce store. With its easy-to-use interface, EpitomeCollect provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for customers.

The system also reduces the costs associated with traditional delivery methods and provides valuable data for businesses to improve their operations and customer service. Crucially, by offering rental and advertising features, the smart lockers present a versatile solution for today's businesses.