T05 Technologies Pte Ltd was commissioned by Car Club Pte Ltd to develop and deploy a Ticketing and Payment System for Auto Rider, Singapore’s first commercially-available autonomous vehicle shuttle service connecting Bayfront Plaza and the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. 

The vehicle shuttle service operates using a Navya Autonom Shuttle and boasts an avant-garde transparent film technology that projects breathtaking images onto the windows by incorporating light effects. 


Fully understanding that a seamless Ticketing and Payment System was crucial to complement the state-of-the-art technologies employed for its autonomous shuttle service, Car Club approached T05 Technologies with an aim to create a system that could support the purchasing and verification of tickets for Auto Rider.


Three main software subsystems were developed and deployed by T05 Technologies to support the Ticketing and Payment System: the (1) Shuttle Service Ticketing Kiosk, (2) Ticket Verification Mobile App and (3) Autonomous Vehicle Ticketing Administrative Portal.

Shuttle Service Ticketing Kiosk

This Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk offers passengers a fuss-free way to select the types of tickets they’d like to purchase and pay for them via credit card or WeChat Pay by referring to the T05 Payment Terminal POS attached at the side.

A QR Code Ticket - that will represent a unique check-in to Auto Rider - will then be generated and printed at the kiosk.

Ticket Verification Mobile App

T05 Technologies developed a Ticket Verification Mobile App to assist Car Club’s staff in verifying the QR Code Tickets printed out by the ticket kiosk. Armed with the app, staff can check the number of times the tickets have been verified and show the validity status of the verification.

The app also offers the option for passengers to purchase a one-time ticket in the event that they produced an invalid ticket at check-in. Car Club’s staff can select “Purchase One-Time Ticket” on the app before prompting the passenger to pay for the ticket via credit card or WeChat Pay.

Autonomous Vehicle Ticketing Administrator Portal

Seeing as Car Club required an all-encompassing platform to complete various administrative processes, an Autonomous Vehicle Ticketing Administrator Portal was designed and developed.

On the platform, staff and administrators can list, search, and filter ticket purchase and verification transactions, create new ticket types within the system, as well as churn out summary reports that can be exported and downloaded in CSV format.


Visitors to Gardens by the Bay can simply purchase their tickets via the ticketing kiosk and enjoy a whole new experience of traveling around Gardens by the Bay in a driverless autonomous vehicle.

Though wide in scope, the development, deployment, and integration of the entire suite of the Ticketing and Payment System were swiftly and efficiently completed in 1.5 months.

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our customers say.

“Great experience working with the T05 team on the payment solution for Auto Rider. The team was professional, helpful, and responsive in their support. Keep up the wonderful work!"

Lewis Chen, Car Club Pte. Ltd.